July 6, 2019, 8:00 pm

The interesting thing about Keno is that it has an amazingly low house edge and that it is entirely a game of chance. There is no telling how the numbers may fall since the selection of the numbers is completely random, and a series of numbers may be chosen more than once in an evening, theoretically at least. So do not listen to all those saying that there is a system to winning keno and that you can never go wrong if you put certain numbers or other numbers. Hence Keno is without a doubt the most democratic of all the casino games.

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Keno is one of those few games in the casino that can really make a difference in your life life. While you may win a few thousand dollars at the craps or poker tables, in keno you actually have a chance of becoming a millionaire. This is without a doubt the game in the casino that will change your life forever!