July 6, 2019, 8:00 pm

Sports Betting as an Alternative Investment

Many will discount the ability to create good returns when one invests on sports betting. It comes as no surprise since betting is hard work, private, and you have to squeeze out thousands of wagers to receive your returns.

Of course, majority of the members of society may also attach the "loser" tag to betting. This requires no validation since a wide majority of sports gamblers really lose. Many people relied their savings and investment profit to authorities and undoubtedly if the bettors place their profit to the 1% or 2% of betting professionals who made a living.

The betting turnover is rather good. Betting turnover can range from 18% to 28% per year. Of course this will greatly differ because 13% to 30% annually is also possible. The yearly approximates will greatly be influenced by the laws of probability.

The sportsbooks terminate your accounts when you are already winning. Whatever is the outcome, sportsbooks will still earn money for the simple reason that they earn out of commission. The sportsbooks do not provide the winnings of the winning players, it is the losing players who provides the income of the winning bettors. In some sportsbooks, big bets are allowed and can be managed quite well. For them, huge bets mean larger turnovers, large turnovers means higher income.

The United States professionals generally rely on basketball as a principal source of profit due to the total number of games - you must gamble on large amount of games for your investment to return. Be aware that a good bettor will still tend to lose between 4.4 to 4.6 bets from a possible 10. Football is a good market though however there are only a few games. Hockey does not provide a lot of takers but offers the best cost - the prices can be very cheap. Baseball runs in the middle of hockey and football. Soccer and Horse racing is the main source of income in the UK and Europe. Sports betting in the UK is not subjected to tax so this will work to your benefit. The price you bet on the morning will remain constant throughout compared to US horse betting wherein you are subjected to initial price odds and hefty taxes.

Value is the key to succeed in any trading or betting atmosphere. If the price you are getting has no value, then it will be difficult for you to earn an income.

It does not matter if you point out the team or the product. If your anticipation of the team performing well is greater than the price displayed, then you relatively "purchase" it. You cannot characterize yourself as a good or bad gambler in just 10, 20 or even 50 bets. Such low numbers will still make you a prey of standard deviation and probability.

Sports betting is not prone to decline or collapse. The sporting industry is not affected by economic conditions.