June 15, 2019, 2:37 am

Some Common Poker Betting Jargon

If you are a new poker player, it is wise to know all the terms used in a game. This is in order for you to have a smooth game, and hide your status as a newbie. By doing so, you could easily glide through the game even though your opponents are more experienced.

Knowledge of poker jargon is valuable, but the terms used in betting are a must. Since these deals with money, you could only be equipped enough so that you could avoid being fooled or being confused. Here are some common betting jargons in poker.

1. Buy-in: the amount of cash required to enter or join a game. If in the tournament, it is also the joining fee. Oftentimes, the buy-in also refers to your starting money in the game.

2. Bump: another term for a raise. If a player says 'I bump it to twenty,' that means they raise by twenty dollars. This refers to the desired amount of raise, not to the total amount of one's bet.

3. Cap: an agreed-upon limit to the number and amount of raises that could be done in a round. Often, the cap is removed when there are only two players remaining at the table.

4. Family pot: when no player folds (meaning everyone remains active), the pot is called the family pot.

5. Kick it: another term for a raise. The only difference this has with a bump is that you are announcing the total amount of bet instead of the desired amount of raise. So when the table has a current bet of five dollars, a player who 'kicks it to ten' raises by another five.

6. Limp: to bet passively, or to simply call. When the small blind just matches the big blind's bet instead of raising, the small blind is said to be 'limping in.'

7. Post: refers to the forced bet made by the blinds. In ante games, this refers to any bet, not just the forced bet.

8. Stack: either a pile of chips, or your total cash at the poker table. If you lose all your chips, then players can say that you are 'stacked out.' If you have the fewest chips in the table, you are 'short stacked.'

Try to internalize and know by heart these betting jargons. By dong so you will surely have a smooth game. It is pretty difficult to ask questions when you are in the game already, so it would be better if you know everything you can about poker before you play.