July 6, 2019, 8:00 pm

Easy Betting, Easy Roulette Wins

Roulette can be a very amusing game. In the electric casino atmosphere one can easily be carried away by all the thrill and not notice one's bankroll status. The wisdom here is to stick to presence of mind, be minutely updated with bankroll status, and be happy with easy betting in roulette.

Easy betting for easy roulette wins takes lots of discipline. The lure in winning to win some more can get deep into the player. Bets may soar while being unmindful about goals in winning. Easy betting for easy roulette wins has got to have a goal. How much do you want to win? Be realistic about the goal. Then keep it in sight.

Have a bankroll of, say, $30. Target a double win. Then stick to easy roulette games. Why not, say, the color game? There are only two choices---red and black. Bet on either. And go easy on the bet---say, try a dollar first.

Just try one's luck first and have a feel of the game. Half of roulette numbers on the wheel are either red or black. So it's easy winning. For instance, if a dollar bet loses, bet again. This time bet $2. If it wins, both dollars are recovered. But what if you hit successive wins in a row? That's easy betting in roulette.

Then increase the bet. Try 2 to 3 dollars a spin. With bets this low, doubling them each time one loses is easy for a break even. For more than 3 loses in a row, go back to a dollar bet. When the winnings exceed one-fourth of a bankroll at a time, keep the winnings and start with a $1 bet again. With a bankroll of $30 and roulette winnings of $7 or $8, keep the profit and start with a $1 roulette bet again. About 4 or 5 of this and doubling the bankroll is hit. Stop right there and leave with some $60 a winner.

Don't go beyond the bankroll if losing seems too often, which is rare. Leave after having the bankroll wiped clean and come back another day for another round of easy roulette betting. Don't push luck too far and neither force it when it seems lethargic. Some hard-core gamblers get away with this but not for long. Big-time betting can also redound to big-time losing, and one that's heavy to get up from. Easy betting is the key to sure easy roulette wins.